I sat down with Drunken Werewolf in December and you can now read the article here!

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Here are a few snippets (Words by Mustafa Mirreh):

“2016 now sees a more assertive and confident Mary Spender, as she prepares for the release of her debut album. However, in a unique twist to excite her fans, she has been releasing one track on the 25th of each month in the run up to the official release in October.”

“Speaking of electric, Spender has been working with close friend and producer Jake Bright on new project Svelte – the bi-polar to her country counterpart solo project. Combining intoxicating bass beats and ethereal harmonies, Svelte pushes boundaries to new heights as Mary expresses her creative freedom…”

“Her next headline show is at The Louisiana in Bristol on 31st March 2016 and for fans old and new, it’ll be one you don’t want to miss.”

Huge thanks to Mustafa and Tiffany at DW.

Last Sunday (7th February) my latest release ‘Taking Shape’ was played by Tom Robinson. I didn’t even realise it was on the playlist until my phone blew up with friends texting me.

BBC6 Music put on a show alongside the hashtag #Bristol6Music and some lovely twitter followers came to my rescue, and got me played alongside Massive Attack, Portishead, Neneh Cherry and She Makes War. How cool are they! You wonderful lot know who you are!

Listen here, from 01:25:13.


On the 25th of January I released my fourth single ‘Taking Shape’ from my debut album. I’m proud of this one, it’s the most recent song I’ve written for the record so far, and I just had to get it out. For all the guitar nerds out there I drop my ‘A’ string to a ‘G’ which is my favourite tuning to write in.

Listen here


Today I’ve uploaded a new video on my Youtube Channel focusing on the guitar part. I’ll still be releasing more cover videos over the next few weeks, but I just thought I’d mix it up a little bit.


Read my interview with Drunken Werewolf here.


This is me and Patrice Vigier in France last week.

Patrice and his team made my beautiful electric guitar (Vigier GV rock in Revolution Green) that you’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and is one of the most humble, talented and kindest people I know.

Vigier Guitars are all about the music first. They provide musicians with tools that make them better. Every time I pick up my guitar I know that it will perform with me and do the job.

If you’re a serious musician, you need a serious instrument. Put down the big manufacturers who don’t care about little old you and buy something that will last a lifetime and still play as well as it did on the day you bought it. 

Care about who you represent when you’re up on stage performing.

Love Mary. x

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I felt like it was a sign that after a really bad day where so many things just weren’t going right (I had some musical equipment stolen – despite being protected by security guards in London!?), I literally bumped into JP Cooper at Paddington station.


He was kind, commiserated with me and told me his story. He’s been a singer/songwriter since he was 16, and signed his first deal at 30. He made my day and changed my whole outlook on my situation. If you haven’t already heard his haunting and powerful voice then you should find his music and buy it immediately. What a guy! X