I sat down with Drunken Werewolf in December and you can now read the article here!

Here are a few snippets (Words by Mustafa Mirreh):

“2016 now sees a more assertive and confident Mary Spender, as she prepares for the release of her debut album. However, in a unique twist to excite her fans, she has been releasing one track on the 25th of each month in the run up to the official release in October.”

“Speaking of electric, Spender has been working with close friend and producer Jake Bright on new project Svelte – the bi-polar to her country counterpart solo project. Combining intoxicating bass beats and ethereal harmonies, Svelte pushes boundaries to new heights as Mary expresses her creative freedom…”

“Her next headline show is at The Louisiana in Bristol on 31st March 2016 and for fans old and new, it’ll be one you don’t want to miss.”

Huge thanks to Mustafa and Tiffany at DW.


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