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Writing on my Vigier… Video Explanation

On May 13th 2015 I published my first solo guitar video on Facebook. I just stood by a dirty window using natural light, playing around with a cheap wide-angle camera lens and jammed on a riff that I’d improvised that morning. I didn’t expect it to get 20,000 hits. People who had seen the video, started turning up to shows, which was a new feeling… I think I can say these videos helped me form a small loyal fanbase.

This past year has been great, I’ve just been doing more. Simple. I haven’t been hiding away expecting people to find me while I practice in my bedroom. Instead I’ve put my music out there and the result has been fantastic.

So here’s a video to celebrate that anniversary. From now on, I’m just going to keep working on new music and film ideas. Not shying away and being angry at people for not hearing me. I’m independent. I have a lot of freedom. So I’m going to exercise that and just keep making music that I’m proud of.

Thank you for watching and listening. It helps me keep going!

Love Mary x

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