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SHE | A New Song

On the 25th October 2015 I released the first of twelve exclusive Soundcloud singles. Today is the twelfth and final track. I thought it would be nice to bring it full circle and release ‘She’; the first song I ever wrote.

Listen here:

This year has gone so quickly but it has at least been productive. The original plan was to release these songs as my debut album but after deciding against this for very practical and monetary reasons, I’m happy that these songs have been listened to, played on the radio and drawn in new fans from all over the world. I’ve learnt to let go and not hide away, getting my music heard is my only goal. Yes, I can take time over something and create something of value, but ultimately if it’s not being heard then it isn’t doing its job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past twelve months. Let me know what your favourite song is and don’t worry. There’ll be new music very soon.

Mary x

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