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I’ve always been aware of how difficult London is to crack and by that I mean actually have any one turn up to your show. I’ve performed all types of gigs in that city, from an empty 12 Bar Club, pay to play gigs (hosted by the world’s worst promoters), to a sold out Gabrielle Aplin support show. I’ve been gigging every so often in London for almost 9 years.

Last Monday was a sign. A crammed Servant Jazz Quarters made me realise, yes my start is humble, but it’s a start at least. A sold out show for a unsigned artist doesn’t happen that often. Let alone two self-promoted shows in the same year.

If you came to the show, thank you. I met you all afterwards and got to thank you in person, so you know how grateful I am already. I’ve learnt so much in my first two headline shows and can’t wait to improve and grow. Not many artists ask for feedback, but I am interested, if you want to share your point of view, sign up to my mailing list and get in touch. It would be wonderful to hear from you. On the other side, if you haven’t yet seen me play and want me to tour to a city near you, then also let me know!

Finally keep your diary open for February … some things are happening!

Mary x

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