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STARS AND STRIPES | A Film By Mary Spender

I’ll be honest, I’m nervous about the reaction to this video. A huge shift is happening in the world right now and it’s terrifying. The individual has a platform to share all ranges of emotion. Bad outweighs the good. Negativity is more powerful than positivity. We need change, yes, but we need to remember to be kind to each other and do the best we can with the tools we have. I’m nervous because I care. I care about what I give to you, my viewer, my fan. I care about the subject matter. I want to provide value. That’s why I’m also the most excited about this video.

Living in the UK post Brexit has been a strange experience. Unless a miracle happens and our politicians decide that the voting system was invalid after so many of the population were lied to, we’re going to lose ease of movement around the EU for residents of the UK as well as EU citizens.

I voted to remain, I did my research and read around the subject. The thought leaders and intellectuals I heavily rely on day-to-day said that leaving the EU was a bad idea. I still believe them because they haven’t yet been proven wrong, no matter which way the vote went. No matter what the 52% said.

If you voted leave, I would like to know your experience too. How do you feel now? Am I missing some long-term benefits that will show these initial teething problems (particularly involving the economic climate and uproar within our political parties) to be just minor incidents? Can someone please tell me the good news? Please. I want to hear it. I want to be proven wrong.

You will notice that this film is not based in the UK, but the US. I’ve spent some time there and have travelled around the country. I’ll even be returning in January. You will see that the locations featured aren’t just the liberal coasts, there’s the ‘real America’ too. I chose to focus on the ‘free world’ because it’s in a state of flux right now. Days away from the most controversial Presidential vote ever in modern history we can’t predict what will happen.

I’ll be honest. I’m nervous about both candidates. As I’m sure you are too. I met an American woman in Gloucester last week, who said that if she was going to vote (which she wasn’t going to) she’d be voting for Donald Trump. Why? Because she doesn’t trust Hillary. Not because Trump is the best option. To her, he’s the only option. To many others, Hillary’s the only option. Neither can imagine a world with the other as President, but there won’t be a hung parliament… one will become the Commander-in-Chief and a lot of the country will be upset and angry.

I hate presenting a problem without a solution, so this video and the song ‘Stars and Stripes’ is part of my solution. Showing the beautiful country that is the United States to remind everyone that it is full of amazing individuals and stunning landscapes. It isn’t epitomised in this election. These two candidates do not sum up the free world. The same goes for the UK. People are fundamentally good, be kind to one another and raise your dopamine levels by actively making the world a better place. You’ll feel better for it and the world needs you.

Share your opinion below, I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts.

Watch ‘Stars and Stripes’:

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