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THE LANTERN | Tickets now on sale…

Playing a show at the Lantern has been a dream for a long time now. I set foot inside the B room of Colston Hall for the first time when watching Andy McKee in 2010. Since then it’s undergone some TLC and is just a beautiful venue and will add to the experience for myself and hopefully my audience on the 9th February 2017.

I’ve had to be patient after last performing in Bristol on the 31st March. I used to gig 300 times a year; now I’m putting on such special events I have to limit myself to instead just a few.

Even though February feels a long time away, it’s actually only around the corner and I know it will creep up on me, so I’m getting prepared and I’ll admit a little nervous and excited. It’s going to be bigger and better than all my other shows and can’t wait to perform for you with my full band and maybe a few special guests (wink wink).

Tickets are available here (click this link). See you on the 9th!



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