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DAILY SHRED | Belief by John Mayer

I’ve set myself the challenge to release a little video of me playing guitar for the 24 days before Christmas. Think of it as your musical advent calendar. I’ve got some playful things in the pipeline.

Here’s December 1st – ‘Belief’ by John Mayer. This was the first song I ever heard on some mixtape as late as 2008 (he’d be around for a while before then) and I fell in love immediately. I learn’t to fingerpick because of his playing as well as using my palm to create a percussive sound.

If you want to replicate my tone, this is what I used:


Laney Lionheart Amplifier and EHX Turnip Greens pedal with those exact settings. Will remember to record my tone everyday for the keen guitarists out there, and also for myself!

Here’s the original (it sounds so much better when he plays it):

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