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DAILY SHRED #2 | Message in a Bottle by The Police

I’ve set myself the challenge to release a little video of me playing guitar (either acoustic or electric) for the 25 days of Christmas. Think of it as your musical advent calendar. I’ve got some playful things in the pipeline.

Here’s December 2nd – ‘Message in a Bottle’ by The Police. I grew up listening to Radio 2 and my parents CD collection. I can’t get over how many good songs they wrote together and I remain a fan of Sting. I love the elongated shape the hand makes playing this riff, it took some time getting used to stretching my hand out that way. With this daily shred, I’ve looped the initial riff and then improvised over the top, trying to incorporate some of the original melody.

If you want to replicate my tone, this is what I used:


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