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DAILY SHRED #3 | Plug In Baby (My Party Trick)

Three days in! ‘Plug In Baby’ by Muse. I promise I will change guitar haha, three days of green to start off with though, got something fun for tomorrow. Back to this riff. What a song. I don’t do it justice as my tone just isn’t quite right, but I thought I’d go for a fun one. Yes that is me playing behind my head like a wannabe Jimi Hendrix. No I haven’t grown a beard. That would be a feat.

Matt Bellamy was probably one of the first guitarists I idolised. Trying to copy every solo (before tabs were really a thing) by playing my cassettes of their albums over and over. This was probably the first one I learnt.

If you want to replicate my tone (which you probably won’t because it’s horrible) just turn the ‘Drive’ up really high on EHX’s Turnip Greens. Simple.

I’ve set myself the challenge to release a little video of me playing guitar for the 24 days before Christmas. Think of it as your musical advent calendar. I’ve got some playful things in the pipeline.

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