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DAILY SHRED | What I’ve learnt so far…

1. Uploading daily to YouTube is not for the faint hearted. I thought I had a few videos up my sleeve, ready prepared, but those days came and went and I’m now chasing my tail and actually creating and uploading daily. I can’t afford to play a different guitar everyday, so I thought well at least my top will be different… turns out I don’t have as many clothes as I thought I did.

2. The fans know what they want. I thought I knew what people might like to watch. The videos I expected to get a few more hits didn’t work out that way. The original songs seem to be gaining more traction, so maybe a few more of those will be coming soon!

3. Rules lead to creativity. I’ve kept the creativity quite locked in a format and by giving myself these restrictions, things are actually pouring out. It’s incredibly satisfying being creative everyday and I’m trying to think of ways to continue after these initial 25. I think I’ll weed out the areas that maybe don’t work so well i.e. yes it’s called ‘Daily Shred’ but I’m not shredding at all so maybe a name change will be due once this series is done.

4. Guitar really is one of the true loves of my life. I’ve been told by numerous record executives to put the guitar down. I thankfully decided not to listen to that and I feel my fanbase is larger and more guitar-based than ever because I made a different decision. I sing AND play guitar. There can’t be another Adele, so to all the music execs out there, please stop trying to make women look like other women. Let them embrace the thing that actually makes them stand out and create their own market, even if it’s niche.

5. Practicing is actually beneficial to your playing. Now let me tell you a story. I’ve been playing musical instruments since I was 5 years old. It started with singing, then piano, then violin, then guitar and finally viola. Guitar was the only one that stuck. Don’t get me wrong, I really achieved some amazing things with the other instrument and I did practice (sometimes), but I really got to grips and fell in love with the guitar because no one was shouting at me to go and practice. It was my therapy and antithesis to the classical music I was performing. Now singer/songwriting is my living. Ironically I don’t play as much as I used to. My improvements have declined. So daily shred was really for me. To learn new songs and guitar riffs that I should just know as a player and have never had the pressure to learn. Also to improve on the guitar pieces I already know or have written myself. Turns out regular habitual practice works folks. Let me know what it does for you!

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