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TUESDAY TALKS | Adding A Little Thunder to my Vigier Guitar

This video talks about four things:
1. THE AMPLIFIER: Unboxing the Fender Rumble 25 (Bass Amp)
2. THE PICKUP: Explaining my special Vigier Indus with the A Little Thunder Pickup
3. THE LEAD: Buying the right cable. Basically don’t go cheap.
4. THE DEMO: A sound test, playing the guitar without much production on Logic Pro X and using the Fender Rumble.

At the end of this video there is some special footage of Andy Alt playing my Vigier back in July when he was in London (over from the USA) and I took him to Denmark Street. He talks in slightly more detail and plays a hell of a lot better!

I hope you enjoy this video and if there’s anything else you think I should make a video about.

Tuesday Talks are just another way of me communicating with you, my audience. Here’s a demonstration of my very special guitar.

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