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I’m a sucker for a fresh start. I love pressing the ‘refresh’ button and planning out the next year in resolutions that I’ll probably forget about in a matter of days… however, maybe this year I’ll stick to them, there’s a first for everything.

My rule for 2017 is to do more of the things I love and do less of the things I hate. I think it’s important to focus on what you’re good at rather than trying to improve the things you just can’t manage and will forget to do everyday. For example, I’m not a morning person; if I tried to get up at 5am everyday, I’d fail. I’m a night owl, always have been and it’s when I feel my most creative. Another thing, I hate running. I’ve tried two half marathons (my timings are just too embarrassing to state, but I did cross the finish line at least) and hated every second of them, yet I know that I can cycle at least 100 miles in a day and wake up and do it all again the next day. However I love music and all the things associated with my career, so I just need to keep focus and work on that… simple!

Self awareness is so important, especially when we’re witnessing all the highlights of our contemporaries lives and feeling like we aren’t achieving as much. What do you love doing? Just keep those things in mind everyday when you wake up and put aside some time to actually do them. Stop worrying all the things you think you should be doing, because life’s too short.

Things I love and will do more of this year:

  • Make time for friends and family

  • Connect with my fans

  • Write songs

  • Perform live

  • Create music videos

  • Cycle

  • Travel

Have I missed anything?

Let me know what your resolutions are!

Love Mary x



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