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A Little Update…

There’s something I think I need to make you aware of and a change I’ll be making in future. I’ve loved posting covers on my Facebook fan-page and seeing your reactions. I only make videos of songs I really love and I hope that I do them justice. It’s a great way to get attention on social media and I’m quite open about using them as a marketing tool and hopefully attracting new fans.

Thankfully YouTube finally has an arrangement and understanding of how to deal fairly with copyright for both artists and labels and are more than aware that I don’t earn a single penny from them, but sadly Facebook does not feel the same way. After being blocked from using my account and given a slap on the wrist via email I’ll only be uploading completely original material on there to avoid any further action.

If this can help any other singer/songwriters uploading cover videos online then please share it with them. I love the community I’ve built and just want to make sure I don’t jeopardise it in any way. I’ll keep you all in the know and thanks for your continued support.

Hope you’re all OK. Mary x

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