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My full band video shoot and 24 Hours in Milan…

So last week was quite a busy one and the rest of my summer is going to look rather dull in comparison.

If you haven’t seen them already I’ve got a few new videos up on my YouTube channel – links below.

The first is my full band video shoot of ‘Taking Shape’, filmed in York using the PG Alta range of Shure Microphones. Some of you may know that I’ve been using Shure products for a while now and they were kind to invite me to shoot this video for them. You can probably tell from the behind the scenes footage that we had a good time.

Secondly Yamaha invited a few people over to Milan for the launch of some new products. I got to meet some really awesome creators too.

Finally me and my LA bestie filmed a video about fixing up my guitars. Definitely for guitar nerds only haha.

Hope you’re all well and keep in touch,

Mary x

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