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Thanks to Danny for recording this session and Miguel for all your help with the guitars! Massive thanks to Kris for having me and Rod for having such a cool guitar collection!

►STUDIO TECHNIQUE: All using the same pedal (EHX Soul Food) and amp (Peavey Classic 50). The microphones we used were a blend between the Shure SM57 and the Sennheiser MD421. The 57 was positioned “centre cone on-axis” (straight at the middle of the speaker) and the 421 was “centre cone off-axis” (at an angle in the centre of the speaker). No compression/EQ/processing etc.

► LIST OF GUITARS (in order – all standard tuning):
Fender American Standard Black (roughly 2005)
Fender Coronado (roughly 2005)
Fender Jaguar (1964)
Fender American Standard Telecaster Black (roughly 2005)
Fender MIJ Telecaster Sunburst (1990)
Fender Mexican Telecaster (year unknown)
Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker Mustard (120th Anniversary Edition)
Gibson SG (1975)
Gibson SG (1971)
Farida CT-36 Red (2010)

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