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Circa 1997… just having a singing lesson on TV

So you might have seen this picture on other platforms and I definitely need to do an episode on Tuesday Talks soon, but basically when I was seven years old my parents put me forward to audition for a music school (on my request – I was bossy when it came to my music career and I still am).

It was to be a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral which was a very big part of where I grew up. I’d probably had less than a year of singing lessons by the time the audition came around and I didn’t get through. I tried twice and failed both times. They used the excuse that my voice was too deep… sounds about right nowadays haha. That and I probably just wasn’t good enough at sight reading which was a big part of the process.

Anyway, luckily they saw I was musical and gave me a music scholarship to the school and obviously I was very lucky to get that education. My Dad had only just left the army and my mother (I think) had a little part time job but was looking after me and my bro so I know that they sacrificed a lot to give me a good education.

Letting myself down by failing at such a young age was the best lesson I could have learnt. I’ve failed a lot. Over and over. It doesn’t scare me. It actually drives me because I know that failure doesn’t hurt as bad as not trying or just giving up. There we go. That was just a little insight into my past.

Hope you’re all having a good Thursday.

Mary x

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