NAMM 2017 | What A Weird And Wonderful World

Saturday 21st January video diary of my time at NAMM. In this episode, I get to explore all around the booths and discover some strange things and stumble upon a few amazing performances. Enjoy 😀

NAMM 2017 | Casually chatting with John Mayer

Friday 20th January video diary of my time at NAMM. That crazy day when Donald Trump became President and I got to chat with John Mayer…


The Lantern, Colston Hall, 9th February 2017

Over 200 people turned out to my headline show on Thursday 9th February 2017.

That is insane.

I had so much fun, playing with the band, performing the songs that I’ve written over the last few years. These songs have come out of good and terrible times and I felt every word as though it was the first time the other night. It was an outer body experience.

Thank you to Tim Bailey, Mike Thomson, Rob Grist, Ed Wren, Max Mees, Med Rann, Louis Catlett, the support bands Harry and the Gondolas and Samuel Jack, plus everyone that has ever come to a show. Although an independent artist, I haven’t done it alone. To all the forgiving friends and family, you’ve been unwaveringly supportive.

There’ll be news soon, I promise.

Love Mary x

John Mayer | NAMM 2017

I asked John Mayer’s advice for female guitarists. Here’s the full press conference for his new signature amplifier from PRS, the J-MOD 100. My question comes at 21:54.

NAMM 2017 | Meeting St Vincent, Milkshakes and Burgers

Thursday 19th January video diary of my time at NAMM. I was so overexcited I tired myself out by the end of just the first day. I hope you enjoy it. The other three days coming soon.


The NAMM Show 2017

This Saturday I’m excited to fly to Los Angeles in advance of my appearances for Vigier Guitars at the NAMM Show 2017. This will be the second time I’ve experienced the mania of NAMM and I can’t wait to get back to the convention centre.

In 2015 I met the most incredible people and can’t wait to go back with more prepared this time. I’ll be aiming to film and keep y’all in the know as much as possible so follow me on:


Here’s the guitar I’ll be showcasing: