Interview | On a Tour Bus with Randy Edwards

Randy Edwards and I met at NAMM 2017 thanks to Andy Alt’s house party. He’s the official photographer and videographer for artists Plini and Animals As Leaders, so he’s kind of a big deal. We had a casual chat on Plini’s tour bus while they were in Cardiff, the first date of their European tour.

For more info about Randy:

Catch Plini on tour:

Filmed on the 15th March 2017

Meeting Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend was kind enough to give me his time for my show ‘Tuesday Talks’, backstage at the Colston Hall, ahead of his headline show with the Devin Townsend Project. We talked about guitars, relationships and his transparency on the music industry.

DTP will be performing the full ‘Ocean Machine’ album live in London on the 17th. Get tickets here:

Filmed on the 12th March 2017

Radio DIVA Live Performance

It was wonderful to join Heather Peace and Rosie Wilby on their show for Resonance FM, Radio DIVA.

I performed two live tracks, ‘Girl’ (24:50 – forgive the muffled audio) and ‘Taking Shape’ (47:30 – much better audio)!

Heather Peace asked me live on air to support her at the Komedia in Brighton on the 22nd March – so I’m very excited about that!

Enjoy the show, some really intelligent and funny people.

Listen below:

A Little Update…

There’s something I think I need to make you aware of and a change I’ll be making in future. I’ve loved posting covers on my Facebook fan-page and seeing your reactions. I only make videos of songs I really love and I hope that I do them justice. It’s a great way to get attention on social media and I’m quite open about using them as a marketing tool and hopefully attracting new fans.

Thankfully YouTube finally has an arrangement and understanding of how to deal fairly with copyright for both artists and labels and are more than aware that I don’t earn a single penny from them, but sadly Facebook does not feel the same way. After being blocked from using my account and given a slap on the wrist via email I’ll only be uploading completely original material on there to avoid any further action.

If this can help any other singer/songwriters uploading cover videos online then please share it with them. I love the community I’ve built and just want to make sure I don’t jeopardise it in any way. I’ll keep you all in the know and thanks for your continued support.

Hope you’re all OK. Mary x

The Guitar Show 2017 | A Few Snippets

Here’s just a little video I filmed throughout the weekend of The Guitar Show, Birmingham, UK. Wish I could have filmed some of my main stage performance, but I had my hands full!

SHURE MOTIV Session featuring me!

While I was in Anaheim at the NAMM Show, I woke up early on the Saturday morning to meet the Shure team and film a MOTIV session. This video shows off the MV88 microphone that records straight to your iPhone/iPad. Incredible tool!

Here I am singing ‘Blues Duet’:


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John Mayer – Helpless [Cover]

Heard this song today and fell immediately in love. So thought I’d give myself the aim of recording and uploading a video as quickly as possible. One take, live, just keeping it simple. Really hope you like it.

NAMM 2017 | The Final Day

This is the last of my specific NAMM video diary, however there will be a short film of my time in California. In this video I met John Page and was totally stunned by watching Mike Dawes play.

NAMM 2017 | What A Weird And Wonderful World

Saturday 21st January video diary of my time at NAMM. In this episode, I get to explore all around the booths and discover some strange things and stumble upon a few amazing performances. Enjoy 😀